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Whether you are small company or enterprise business, save up to 70% support expenses with on premise help desk software

Omnichannel Support Desk

One Inbox

Provide customer support with requests from any channel to handle in one inbox

help desk backend interface
Help Center for Self-Service

Your help center is ready for best user experience to organize support in help desk system

help center
Boards View

Use kanban board and manage all incoming requests in ticketing system

help desk kanban board
Personalize Your Help Desk Software
Create custom queues of incoming requests in your company to make help desk software be personalized for each member of the team
Get real time updates of your inbox
Make your own queues based on conditions
Use chat or table view with bulk actions
Agents see only their reports and tickets
Real-time support desk offers more channels with convenient way for customers to contact you and get instant automated replies
Embedded on any webpage of website or service
Send targeted messages based on user's behavior
Hassle-free users authentication right in the widget
Integrates seamless with your CRM
Help desk solution built-in your mobile app gives easy way of communication between customer and your support team
Mobile UI works your way on any device
Don't miss your customers with mobile push notifications
Integrates with iOS or Android apps using SDK & Restful API
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Help Desk Ticketing Software That Rocks

Let your team work like a pro in support desk by using canned responses, macros and other automation tools
Get full transparency of what your support agents do at any stage of collaboration with customers to find sharp corners using support desk
Smart Automation
Our AI will assign only available agents according to the SLA, business hours and team availability that makes service desk software automate the processes and reduce the load on your team

UseResponse Help Desk Can Do More Than Support

help desk sales automation

Sales Automation

Don't miss your lead again with proactive messages based on user behavior

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task management

Task Management

Create checklist inside ticketing system to divide request into smaller tasks

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issue tracking

Issue Tracking

Use tickets as bug tracking system with custom statuses, fields in your own workflow

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Real-Time Analytics

Extended analytics allows to control key metrics and improve your team performance in php ticket system:

Reply Time, Resolution Time
CSAT (Customer Satisfaction Score)
Insights of Searches & Clicks
10 more metrics to track
help desk analytics

On Premise Help Desk Software for Enterprise

Business Hours

Create several profiles to manage business hours for several teams

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Push Notifications

All support agents get push notifications on incoming requests

SLA Rules

Don’t miss any request even if you are loaded with work

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Internal Notes

Discuss requests internally with ability to set reminders

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Tickets Visibility

Agents will see only required requests based on ticket group

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Single Sign On

Use your own authentication and user base (SAML, LDAP, etc)

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Conditional Fields

Extend contact form with additional & conditional fields

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Multiple Help Centers

One backend to support customers on several products or languages

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Restful API

Build any integration using our API or ready integrations

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Time Tracking

Track logged agents time vs estimated for each request to measure agents efficiency

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Success Stories
“We have been looking for a help desk solution, but wanted the application to be on premise basis. Useresponse was then the brilliant solution! Good design, scalable, perfect! Many Thanks!”
Jens Havelberg
Teamleader Development and IT, VFM-Gruppe
UseResponse Help Desk Software FAQs

Can UseResponse Help Desk handle the complex needs of large enterprise environments?

UseResponse Help Desk Tool is equipped to meet the intricate requirements of small business, mid-sized and enterprise environments, offering scalable solutions and advanced features that can be customized for any business size or complexity.

What automation features are available to improve efficiency?

UseResponse Enterprise Help Desk includes a range of automation options to streamline ticket handling and response processes.

What security features does UseResponse Help Desk offer for enterprise clients?

We prioritize security for our enterprise clients with features like advanced encryption, two-factor authentication, and compliance with industry standards, ensuring your data\s integrity and confidentiality.

Is there support for managing tickets across different channels?

Yes, the software provides omnichannel support, consolidating tickets from various sources into a single interface.

How does UseResponse Help Desk software accommodate the global operations of enterprise businesses?

Our Help Desk software supports multiple languages and time zones, making it an ideal solution for enterprises operating on a global scale, ensuring consistent support across all regions.

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Help Desk Software

Streamline Customer Support with UseResponse

Revolutionize your support desk with UseResponse's comprehensive Help Desk Software. Designed for teams seeking efficiency and adaptability, our platform offers significant savings and extensive customization without hidden costs. With seamless integrations and a user-friendly interface, elevate your support services to new heights.

Maximizing Efficiency and Engagement with UseResponse Help Desk Automation

Cost Efficiency and Transparency

Experience unparalleled cost savings with a clear, upfront pricing model. Unlike other platforms, UseResponse Help Desk offers a comprehensive set of features without hidden charges for add-ons, ensuring you get the most value for your investment.

Customization and Branding

With UseResponse Help Desk, every aspect of your support platform can be tailored to match your brand identity. From the user interface to ticketing workflows, personalize your support experience to align with your organizational needs and branding.

Enhanced Team Productivity

Boost your support team's efficiency with smart automation, task management, and intuitive interfaces. UseResponse Help Desk is designed to streamline operations, allowing your team to focus on delivering exceptional customer support.

Seamless Integration Ecosystem

Integrate effortlessly with your existing CRM and other business tools. UseResponse Help Desk acts as a central hub, enhancing your support system's connectivity and data flow, making every customer interaction more informed and effective.

Comprehensive Support Analytics

Make data-driven decisions with advanced analytics and real-time insights. Monitor key performance metrics to continually refine your support strategy, ensuring your team meets and exceeds customer expectations.

Enhance Your Support Experience with UseResponse's AI Help Desk Software

Seamless OmniChannel Integration

Unify all customer communication channels with Seamless OmniChannel Integration, providing a consistent and efficient support experience. This integration ensures that customer inquiries, whether from email, chat, social media, or any other platform, are merged into one comprehensive dashboard, enhancing service quality and response efficiency.

Dynamic Self-Service Hub

Transform user experience with our Dynamic Self-Service Hub, a comprehensive resource center enabling users to quickly find answers and solutions. This feature reduces dependency on direct support, empowering users with immediate access to information, guides, and FAQs, enhancing their ability to resolve issues independently and efficiently.

Intelligent Ticket Routing

Revolutionize ticket management with Intelligent Ticket Routing. By automatically directing inquiries to the most suitable agents based on their expertise and workload, this feature streamlines the resolution process, significantly improving response times and customer satisfaction.

Enhanced Issue Resolution & Task Management

Elevate issue resolution with a unified system that not only allows for comprehensive management of tickets but also breaks down complex issues into manageable tasks. This dual approach ensures each ticket is addressed in a structured and traceable manner while enabling detailed task assignments for focused resolution, enhancing clarity and efficiency across your support team's operations.

Advanced Performance Analytics

Harness the power of data with Advanced Performance Analytics. Monitor crucial metrics like resolution times and customer satisfaction scores to continually optimize your support strategy, ensuring your team's performance is aligned with your service goals.

Empowering Enterpise Help Desk Departments, Elevating Service

Customer Success Teams

Empower your team with tools that enhance customer relationships and satisfaction. Our Help Desk Software offers deep insights and efficient management features to ensure customer loyalty and success.

Customer Support Teams

Boost your support team's capabilities with advanced tracking and management tools. Our software simplifies issue resolution, allowing your team to provide top-notch service.

Technology Teams

Leverage a platform that complements your tech infrastructure. Our Help Desk Software offers scalability, advanced security, and seamless integration, driving efficiency and innovation.

Elevate Your Support System with UseResponse

Unlock the potential of streamlined customer support with UseResponse's Help Desk Software. Experience a platform that consolidates support channels, enhances team productivity, and offers deep insights into your support operations. Start transforming your customer support journey today.

Enhance Your Support Experience

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