Software de comentarios de los clientes para crear mejores productos

Obtenga opiniones, elabore su hoja de ruta y ofrezca un servicio increíble con el sencillo software de opiniones de clientes
Obtenga más ideas con el portal de comentarios de los clientes
Feedback Portal
Colabore en un sistema público de recogida de opiniones o cree una comunidad privada de opiniones para su equipo interno.
Tome mejores decisiones sobre los productos
Con el software de hoja de ruta de productos puede obtener una visión completa de las principales sugerencias y cerrar el círculo con las partes interesadas sobre qué hacer a continuación.
Mejorar la productividad del equipo
Agent Interface
En el software de comentarios de los clientes puede crear colas, crear filtros, informes personalizados y distribuir diferentes derechos a los miembros de su equipo.
Más formas de recoger las opiniones de los clientes
El widget se puede personalizar para incrustarlo en cualquier sitio web o página de servicios.
La interfaz móvil unificada permite gestionar y utilizar los comentarios en cualquier tableta o teléfono.
Utilice las integraciones para obtener información de herramientas de terceros
Comprobar precios

El software de retroalimentación del cliente
también puede utilizarse como

feedback feature requests Seguimiento de las solicitudes de funciones

El futuro de su producto depende de un seguimiento eficaz de las solicitudes de características

feedback forum portal Foro comunitario de preguntas y respuestas

Responda a las preguntas y conviértalas en preguntas frecuentes con el software de comentarios de los clientes

problems tracking Seguimiento de los problemas

Identificar el dolor de sus clientes al interactuar con su producto o servicio

Construir un compromiso exitoso con el cliente
Envíe nuevas ideas en los boletines mensuales y pregunte a los clientes qué debería hacerse a continuación con nuestra función de votación inteligente

Funciones para cualquier equipo y producto

Historias de éxito
“Este software de gestión de ideas nos ayuda muy bien para varios de nuestros productos. Las suscripciones a los temas son geniales y, en general, son flexibles para recoger los comentarios. Soporte extremadamente rápido y útil.”
Dmitry Martinkevich
Fundador, BearDev
UseResponse Customer Feedback Software FAQs

How does UseResponse scale to meet the needs of large enterprises?

UseResponse Customer Feedback Tool is designed with scalability in mind, offering robust infrastructure and features that accommodate the growing demands of large enterprises, ensuring seamless performance even as your user base expands.

Can we customize the feedback forms to match our brand?

Yes, the UseResponse software provides extensive customization options, allowing you to align the look and feel of feedback forms with your brand identity.

Is it possible to automate responses to common customer feedback?

The platform includes automation capabilities, enabling you to set up triggers for common feedback scenarios, ensuring timely and consistent responses.

What security measures does UseResponse implement to protect sensitive enterprise data?

Security is a top priority at UseResponse, with strict protocols including SSO login, data encryption, and compliance with industry standards, to safeguard your enterprise's sensitive information.

Can UseResponse provide dedicated support and customization services for enterprise clients?

Yes, enterprise clients enjoy access to dedicated support and a range of customization services to tailor UseResponse User Feedback Software to their specific needs, ensuring an optimal fit with their operational requirements.

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Customer Feedback Software

Transforming Feedback into Action with UseResponse

Elevate your approach to customer feedback with UseResponse's integrated suite, blending help desk, knowledge base, and live chat functionalities. Designed for flexibility across cloud and on-premises deployments, our platform suits various industries, ensuring your services meet every regulatory need. With advanced AI for automated support and extensive customization, UseResponse not only collects feedback but turns it into meaningful improvements, all within an affordable, transparent pricing model.

Transform Customer Feedback into Business Insights Using UseResponse

Seamless Customization at Your Fingertips

Dive deeper into personalization with our platform's unparalleled customization capabilities. Beyond just skin-deep changes, tailor every aspect of the feedback process, from the look and feel to the underlying workflows and automations, ensuring a seamless experience that’s uniquely yours.

Unified Feedback Ecosystem

Streamline your feedback management with our all-encompassing platform. By bringing together diverse feedback tools into a single, cohesive environment, we simplify the process of gathering, analyzing, and acting on customer insights, making it easier to uncover valuable trends and patterns.

Exceptional Value, No Hidden Costs

Experience the transparency of a pricing model that promises significant savings without compromising on functionality. With our inclusive approach, you get full access to a robust set of features without the worry of extra charges for add-ons, setting us apart in a market that often relies on fine print.

Diverse Channels for Richer Feedback

Embrace the power of choice with our platform's support for multiple feedback channels. Whether it's through in-app widgets, mobile applications, or dedicated feedback portals, our solution ensures you capture every voice, in every form, enriching your customer insight pool.

Boost Team Productivity

Enhance your team's workflow and efficiency with targeted productivity tools. Tailored features like customizable queues, smart filters, and moderation tools simplify feedback management, enabling swift action on user insights. Automated processes and integrated feedback channels ensure a smooth, streamlined operation, keeping your team focused on what matters most.

Empower Your Insights: User Feedback Software Features to Drive Engagement

Versatile Customer Feedback Portal

Our platform elevates feedback collection with a portal that's adaptable to your needs. It accommodates both open community feedback and private internal discussions. With the capability to host several boards for different products or languages, and options for anonymous contributions, it's a comprehensive solution. Enhanced with SSO login, it ensures security and compliance.

Engaging Feedback Forums

Create a vibrant community with our interactive feedback forums. Designed to foster user engagement and collaboration, these forums are a hub for discussions that drive product improvement and innovation, cultivating a loyal user base.

Dynamic Product Roadmap

Our Product Roadmap feature gives you a panoramic view of customer feedback and feature requests, enabling you to align your development efforts with user needs. It offers customizable workflows and an advanced voting system to prioritize features effectively.

Dynamic Feature Request Tracking

Streamline the prioritization of product enhancements with our organized tracking system. It simplifies gathering and analyzing user suggestions, helping you make informed decisions that resonate with your audience and enhance your product's value.

Efficient Issue Tracking

Address customer issues promptly with our comprehensive tracking system. Designed for efficiency, it ensures your team stays aligned and responsive, delivering top-notch support and maintaining customer satisfaction.

Insightful App Ratings & Reviews Analysis

Harness the power of user feedback with detailed analysis of app ratings and reviews. This insight is crucial for continuous improvement, helping ensure your app not only meets but exceeds user expectations.

Versatile Add-ons and Integrations

Expand the functionality of your customer feedback system with our extensive range of add-ons and integrations. From analytics to CRM, tailor the platform to your workflow, enhancing both efficiency and connectivity.

Maximizing Impact Across Your Organization

Customer Success Teams

Empower your strategy with tools designed to deepen customer relationships and drive success. Our platform offers real-time insights and feedback management to ensure customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Customer Support Teams

Enhance your support efficiency with streamlined issue tracking and feedback forums. Our solution simplifies resolution processes, enabling you to deliver exceptional service.

Technology Teams

Harness a platform that aligns with your tech vision, offering scalability, security, and seamless integration. Tailor your feedback ecosystem to fit your infrastructure, driving innovation and efficiency.

Elevate Your Customer Feedback Strategy with UseResponse

Unlock the full potential of customer insights with UseResponse's Feedback Software. Dive into a comprehensive platform that not only collects but transforms feedback into actionable insights, driving improvement and innovation in your services. Take the first step towards a more connected and responsive customer experience.

Transform Feedback into Actionable Insights

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