SaaS vs On-Premise Help Desk Software

Published:   Last Updated: December 16, 2020

Great majority of companies nowadays prefer SaaS to On-premise when it comes to picking up a suitable software package. This type of software distribution is very popular as it’s very easy to use, requires less work on setup and can be easily maintained.

However, not every company choose SaaS solution. Why is it so? Let’s figure it out together.

On-Premise Software

Why is SaaS so Popular?

1. Easy to Start, Easy to Use

The main benefit of a SaaS solution is that it does not require a lot of work from your side in the setup as the most part of the system configuration is already done by the software provider. You don’t need to find suitable hardware, spend tons of hours on the system installation and maintaining during the lifespan of the software. In addition, don’t forget about external costs for maintaining servers, hardware, human resources, etc. while using the on-premise solution. That is not the case with the SaaS model.

2. Better Scalability

This point hence from previous as it’s closely connected to installation and maintenance. Most of the time as your business grows, the load and requirements of your software rise. When you use SaaS, you only need to upgrade your pricing plan according to your requirements. With self-hosted installation, the situation is more complicated as you also should take into consideration the load increase on your hardware, servers, and maintenance personnel.

When to Use Self-Hosted?

1. Advanced System Customization

In many cases when you test a new system, whether it’s help desk or any other software, you’ll be OK with the major part of it. However, there could be some minor points like the absence of a specified integration, custom appearance or specific workflow.

Open Source On-premise solution with the option of custom development will be a perfect pick for these scenarios. In that case, you can make some adjustments within the source code with the help of software vendor developers or with your own resources to modify the existing software to meet all your expectations.

2. Special Data Security and Storage Requirements

SaaS is great, but there can be situations when you are a banking company with high-security requirements or according to GDPR (or other internal/external regulation policies) company that has to store all the data locally.

An on-premise package will give the maximum flexibility as far as data storage is concerned. As a result, you can store your data on your servers with higher security level you set by yourself.

3. Maximum Performance and Control

In SaaS software there are always some limitations like a maximum number of API requests or maximum file size of an attachment. But what to do if you want to raise the limit from 100 MB to 100 GB? With a self-hosted option, you can change this limitation according to your preferences without extra efforts. The only limiter would be the power of your hardware.


As you can see SaaS help desk option has a lot of bonuses that keep it as the most popular option thanks to its’ ease in getting started and day-to-day usage. However, there are some blockers that can be nullified only with the help of self-hosted installation.

That is why some companies nowadays use On-Premise software with further customization or even develop their own solutions from scratch.

Our company currently offers Customer Feedback, Help Desk and Knowledge Base software available both in SaaS and on-premise options. If you have any questions, or need estimation of custom development for self-hosted package, please contact us.

Danila Akashau

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