5 Reasons to Use Help Desk

Published:   Last Updated: December 16, 2020

Usually, when you launch a start-up, you fully rely on email for support. But as your company grows, using a shared email box becomes not enough for providing effective support.  Your support should scale along with your business.

Same goes for large institutions receiving lots of incoming requests. Imagine how easier could be the processes if all the requests from various sources could be accumulated in one place, sorted and well organized.

If you start losing emails, struggle to find the history of email requests, your agents cannot manage the current requests load – it’s time for help desk software.

Current Help desk software provides, such as UseResponse have capabilities to handle all kinds of communications, such as emails, live chat, contact forms, Facebook and Twitter messages and posts and manage them in an organized way.

Companies who have the strongest omnichannel customer engagement strategies have an average customer retention rate of 89%, compared to just 33% for companies with weak omnichannel strategies.

According to : Aberdeen

But Help Desks are usually more than just direct communication, for effective support you will also need self-service portal, Knowledge base, SLA, reporting and analytics. 

When installing Help desk software, your main goals might be increasing customer satisfaction, reducing support turnover time, or decreasing ticket resolution time. But besides these core goals, your company can benefit from using a Help Desk in many other ways.

How Help Desk Can Help Your Company: 

1. Help the Team Focus on Actual Support Work

With the help of helpdesk, tickets are automatically assigned to your support members. Helpdesk should ensure that each department gets relevant tickets, and the team member is available and ready to help. 

The support agent can see all the relevant client information, history of his communication with the customer, and even history of his behavior on the website. 

There is no need typing a new reply to a commonly asked question, with the help of canned responses, support agent sends predefined reply in a couple seconds. 

If there is a need for internal consultation, team members simply leave internal notes visible only to the employees. There is no more email forwarding to pass the information, no lost emails. 

2. Get Rid of Monotonous Work

Did you analyze how many times customers questions and requests repeat? Now you have a tool that will help you automate the flows and processes.

Think of typical processes you can automate and make up a list. 

All that can be automated, needs to be automated. Create automated workflows to assign tickets, send auto-reply messages, think of the list of most possible predefined responses. 

3. Simplify and Speed up the Support Process for the Customers

  • Customer support must be fast, if not to say immediate. In case you cannot solve the problem fast, the client should be aware of the estimated time during which the problem will be solved. Make sure to notify the customer if you are not meeting the deadline.
  • Help desk should be helpful, and almost not visible. If a customer submits a ticket once, and you escalate it to another person or a department, all the information both about the ticket and the client should be passed automatically. Don’t ask your clients the same question twice. 
  • Make your conversation more personal. Even if you are using automated emails and chat flows, try to add more personality to it. You may need to review and re-write your email templates, try to create personalized video email messages.
  • Implement self-service. Knowledgebase and instructions should be clear, easy to read, illustrative and useful. Use summaries, lists, images where appropriate, and always add links to useful information for the ones who want to study the subject in depth. 

4. Offer Relevant Support

Put everything in order by overviewing the workflow processes, and predefined messages. Get rid of anything that hasn’t been used to a while. Make sure to delete and overwrite all the stuff that is not relevant and hasn’t been used for a certain period of time already. To properly support your customers, your company needs to provide a front line of communication, set up necessary processes and procedures, be fast in adapting to changing needs and be able to scale the processes. 

5. Improve Team Efficiency

With detailed reports, you will see how many tickets each of your team members have processed, how much time they spend, how fast they react, and also see the customers satisfaction rate. 

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