Applying Gamification To Feedback Management

Published:   Last Updated: December 12, 2022

Gamification allows the flexibility to customer experience and addresses the motivations by designing engaging and inspiring solutions. If organized correctly, feedback gamification can also be an effective way to engage the customers and make the process of feedback and ideas collection more enjoyable. 

feedback gamification

Sharing feedback does not always come easy, and lots of employees find it difficult, and there should be a system that encourages and motivates. Feedback gamification gives the sense of developmental growth and accomplishment. As part of building corporate culture, gamification is enhancing employees to share their feedback and ideas within and between the teams.

Overall, gamification of providing feedback and ideation can help to make this process enjoyable, fun, engaging, increase the employees’ and customers’ motivation and response rates.

When organizing customer support, gamification and leaderboards can be a big plus for friendly agent competition. It helps to identify and notice the agents who are working for three at a glance, and for employees, it adds the feeling that progress is being made.

Sounds great, but what does that mean to apply feedback gamification?

What is Gamification of Feedback Collection Process?

Feedback gamification is the process of implementing game strategies and features to the process of providing feedback in order to boost engagement and involve the users. It can be points, challenges, success levels, leaderboards, badges, prizes, etc.

For feedback community forum, it can be done with the help of:

  • Points. Points are a numeral evaluation of certain actions of the users that can be accumulated; 
  • Badges or levels based on the achievements. Badges are used to publicly demonstrate the achievements of uses and recognize their contribution;
  • Leaderboards to encourage competition;
  • Progress bars. To give the users understanding of where they stand;
  • Respondent challenges such as gathering a certain amount of votes;
  • Rewards or incentives (social or financial, it can be a coupon, discount, or a donation to charity, lottery, etc.).

In terms of psychology, gamification really works as people need to have goals and feel satisfied. By using gamification you can add a motivation element to encourage employees to earn more points and receive new badges for their accomplishments. The system of point gamification can help acknowledge small everyday wins. 

The main goal of gamifying customer and employee feedback is to increase the engagement levels so that more people provide quality feedback, giving a comprehensive understanding of what they are thinking about the company, product and future development. Gamification should help by making the process of giving feedback simple, seamless, and fun.

Strategies to Deliver Real Results in Gathering Feedback

If you’re looking to apply gamification to your feedback process, here are 5 basic strategies to help you get started.

  1. Use measurable goals to initiate specific activities. 
  2. Focus on small accomplishments to make incremental progress towards the overall goal.
  3. Don’t underestimate the effect of social competitiveness by publicizing the accomplishments. Don’t make the rules too complicated, the experience should be easy and intuitive to the users.
  4. Keep it meaningful. Evaluate only relevant performance.
  5. Moderate. Do not allow the activity for the sake of activity.
  6. Reward on time. Turn the points into tangible benefits. 

Applying Feedback Gamification with Incentives

Giving points for certain activities is a simple enough concept. But points, in turn, empower the process of tracking, reward management, badges, achievements, etc. To keep it effective you should balance the points with the user’s efforts and the value it brings to the company. 

top feedback contributor

Points can be accumulated and transformed into such incentives as discounts, early access to beta releases, or other benefits.

For online feedback communities, contributors who have participated in a high number of topics, especially the ones that were brought to life, could be given the privilege of having early access to the new features and even enhanced roles. The reward could be as simple as changing their status in the community and sharing the overall results.


When it comes to the process of improving customer feedback collection, a well-thought gamification system can really help with the engagement of users. Given the importance of engagement and feedback to the customer experience, gamified feedback collection should be a standard part of every company’s strategy.

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Anna Kuzma

Anna Kuzma is Marketing Manager at UseResponse, company specialized in the development of Customer Support and Feedback software. Writes about customer experience and satisfaction, Help Desk and Feedback Software.

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